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Sold for Tomorrow (2007)Edit

The Moog - Sold For Tomorrow
Sold for Tomorrow
  1. Your Sweet Neck
  2. Everybody Wants
  3. I Don't Want You Now
  4. I Like You
  5. Never Hide
  6. If I Died
  7. Anyone
  8. Survive
  9. Goodbye
  10. Xanax Youth
Bonus track on digital release
  1. Hit Song

Razzmatazz Orfeum (2009)Edit

The Moog - Razzmatazz Orfeum
Razzmatazz Orfeum
  1. This Is Horror
  2. Panic
  3. You Raised a Vampire
  4. When I See You
  5. Can't Say No, Can't Say Yes
  6. Lost Day
  7. Joyclad Armies
  8. Sphinx
  9. Make Me Happy
  10. Self and Soul
  11. Mina
  12. Epilogue

Additional information

Band members:
  • Gergő Dorozsmai - drums
  • Gergő György - guitar
  • Csaba Szabó - bass guitar
  • Tamás Szabó - vocals, keyboard
Former members:
  • Ádám Bajor - guitar
Record labels:

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