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Album by The Moody Blues.
  1. The Day Begins ("The Day Begins")
  2. Dawn ("Dawn Is a Feeling")
  3. The Morning ("Another Morning")
  4. Lunch Break ("Peak Hour")
  5. The Afternoon ("Tuesday Afternoon" and "(Evening) Time to Get Away")
  6. Evening ("The Sunset" and "Twilight Time")
  7. The Night ("Nights in White Satin" and "Late Lament")
2006 reissue Disc 2
  1. Tuesday Afternoon (alternate mix)
  2. Dawn Is a Feeling (alternate mix)
  3. The Sunset (alternate version without orchestra)
  4. Twilight Time (alternate vocal mix)
  5. Nights in White Satin (single mono mix)
  6. Fly Me High
  7. I Really Haven't Got the Time
  8. Love and Beauty
  9. Leave This Man Alone
  10. Cities
  11. Long Summer Days
  12. Please Think About It
  13. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (live)
  14. Love and Beauty (live)
  15. Leave This Man Alone (live)
  16. Peak Hour (live)
  17. Nights in White Satin (live)
  18. Fly Me High (live)
  19. Twilight Time (live)

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