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I Do

This song is by The Moments and appears on the album A Moment With The Moments (1970).

Please give me peace of mind
Ooh, ooh, say you'll be mine
Come rain or shine

And when I kiss you
Just say I do now
Oh, just I do-do-do
Love you, oh, baby

You're as sweet as old cherry wine
Ooh, ooh, like an angel
Oh, baby, you're so fine

Say you'll be with me
My whole life through now
Oh, just say I do-do-do
Love you, oh, bab&121

There are many ways of saying I love you (I love you)
But any word from you is good enough for me
Too many hearts now has been bleeding
And if mine is one, if mine is one
It wants to be, it wants to be, oh, baby, oh, baby

Each night of my dream
Ooh, ooh, I'm a king
My darling, you're my queen

And when I awake
Please make my dream come true
Oh, just say now
I do-do-do
Love you

I do-do-do
Love you
I do-do-do
Love you

I do-do-do
Love you

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