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Lara (My Love)

This song is by The Moffatts.

Searched this world all over
For that one special girl
Who was looking for love
Not diamonds or pearls

From outta no where
You entered into my life
Like a ray of sunshine
So warm and bright

Touched my heart all over
In a very special way
I never forget that moment
How it carried me away

The times that we shared
Clings to me heart
I knew it was love
Right from the start

I'll love you forever
Forever and more
For all that you gave me
It's you I adore
I'll love you forever
Forever and more
Forever and ever
Forever and more

Things of time have changed
You drifted away
But you left me something
To cherish each day

A passion for life
The courage to be strong
The will to succeed
And a sense I belong

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