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Dear Employer (The Reason I Quit)

This song is by The Minus 5 and appears on the album Down with Wilco (2003).

Dear employer, I'd like to tell you
That it's been wonderful these last few years
But now you know I've got a new shoe
And I'll be wearing it so far from here

Dear employer, your escalators
Are very dangerous on the way down
They rip the skin and they pull you in
Spit out the bony bits and coffee grounds

Dear employer, I heard a story
When you were just knee-high, higher than I
You built the wings, the propeller, too
With balsa wood and glue, you made it fly

Dear employer, you commanded me
Your commendations now don't mean as much
'Cause I'm a lost cause causing a problem
But I promise to be way out of touch

Dear employer, when you hear the news
Please save the saintly words for saintly souls
I'll be long gone, long gone and rotten
Long gone and ulcerous, nothing untold

That's the reason that I quit


Written by:

Scott McCaughey

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