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Hello (1994)Edit

The Minus 5 - Hello
  1. Loser So Supreme
  2. Only One Thing
  3. Brotherhood Of Pain
  4. Drunkard's Lullabye

Old Liquidator (1994)Edit

The Minus 5 - Old Liquidator
Old Liquidator
  1. Winter Goes Away
  2. Worse
  3. All The Time
  4. Find A Finger
  5. Emperor Of The Bathroom
  6. Vulture
  7. Algerian Hook
  8. Story
  9. How Many Bones
  10. Basing Street
  11. No More Glory
  12. When It Comes My Way

The Emperor Of The Bathroom (1995)Edit

The Minus 5 - The Emperor Of The Bathroom
The Emperor Of The Bathroom
  1. Emperor Of The Bathroom (Video Mix)
  2. Heartache For Sale
  3. Story (Alternate Mix)
  4. Vulture (Take 2)
  5. This Little Woody

The Lonesome Death Of Buck McCoy (1997)Edit

The Minus 5 - The Lonesome Death Of Buck McCoy
The Lonesome Death Of Buck McCoy
  1. The Rest Of The World
  2. Cross Every Line
  3. Empty Room
  4. Wasted Bandage
  5. Boeing Spacearium
  6. My Mummy's Dead
  7. Moonshine Girl
  8. Popsycle Shoppe
  9. Wouldn't Want To Care
  10. Spidery Moon
  11. Bullfight
  12. Hate Me More

My Chartreuse Opinion (1997)Edit

The Minus 5 - My Chartreuse Opinion
My Chartreuse Opinion
  1. Losing Battle
  2. Happy For The Box
  3. The Big Dead End
  4. A Sobering Thought
  5. Real True Tragedy Incident
  6. You'll Never See My Face Again
  7. I Might Have Listened
  8. Evolution
  9. Shut Them Out
  10. Big Deal
  11. The Real Prime Directive
  12. People Say
  13. Sittin' Round Doin' Nothin'
  14. Roller Coaster Blues

In Rock (2000)Edit

The Minus 5 - In Rock
In Rock
  1. Dear My Inspiration
  2. Over the Sea
  3. Courage Is the Smallest Bird
  4. The Night Chicago Died (The Death of The Minus 5)
  5. The Girl I Never Knew
  6. In a Lonely Coffin
  7. The Little Black Egg
  8. Lies of The Living Dead
  9. Dr. Evil: Doctor of Evil
  10. Myrna Loy (#2)
2004 reissue
  1. Bambi Molester
  2. Dear My Inspiration
  3. In a Lonely Coffin
  4. The Forgotten Fridays
  5. Courage Is the Smallest Bird
  6. The Girl I Never Met
  7. The Night Chicago Died Again
  8. Where the Wires Meet the Skies
  9. Lies of the Living Dead
  10. Dr. Evil: Doctor of Evil
  11. Cosmic Jive
  12. Over the Sea

Let The War Against Music Begin (2001)Edit

The Minus 5 - Let The War Against Music Begin
Let The War Against Music Begin
  1. Great News Around You
  2. Got You
  3. Ghost Tarts Of Stockholm
  4. The Rifleman
  5. You Don't Mean It
  6. A Thousand Years Away
  7. The Amazing Dolphin Boy
  8. Thirsty Bird
  9. One Bar At A Time
  10. John Barleycorn Must Live
  11. Desperate For Someone
  12. Your Day Will Come (Parts 1 & 2)

I Don't Know Who I Am (Let the War Against Music Begin Vol. 2) (2003)Edit

The Minus 5 - I Don't Know Who I Am (Let The War Against Music Begin Vol. 2)
I Don't Know Who I Am (Let The War Against Music Begin Vol. 2)
  1. There Is No Music
  2. Myrna Loy
  3. When God Made Time
  4. Rooting For The Plague
  5. Tunnel Of Lungs
  6. Lonely Galaxy
  7. I Don't Want To Fuck Off Anymore
  8. Queen's Head
  9. Saturn Is A Place On Earth
  10. Shut Up
  11. Submachine Girl
  12. Disaster Nurse Fang (Remix)
  13. Reason I Quit (Dear Employer)

Down with Wilco (2003)Edit

The Minus 5 - Down With Wilco
Down with Wilco
  1. The Days of Wine and Booze
  2. Retrieval of You
  3. That's Not the Way That It's Done
  4. The Town That Lost Its Groove Supply
  5. Daggers Drawn
  6. Where Will You Go?
  7. Life Left Him There
  8. The Family Gardener
  9. The Old Plantation
  10. What I Don't Believe
  11. View from Below
  12. I'm Not Bitter
  13. Dear Employer (The Reason I Quit)

At The Organ (2004)Edit

The Minus 5 - At The Organ
At The Organ
  1. Lyrical Stance
  2. Hotel Senator
  3. Formerly Hail Centurion
  4. Film Of The Movie
  5. The Town That Lost Its Groove Supply (Seattle Version)
  6. Days Of Wine And Booze (Original)
  7. One More Bottle To Go

The Minus 5 (2006)Edit

The Minus 5 - The Minus 5
The Minus 5
  1. Rifle Called Goodbye
  2. Aw Shit Man
  3. Out There On The Maroon
  4. My Life As A Creep
  5. With A Gun
  6. Cemetery Row
  7. Twilight Distillery
  8. Cigarettes Coffee And Booze
  9. Leftover Life To Kill
  10. Hotel Senator
  11. Bought A Rope
  12. All Worn Out
  13. Original Luke
  14. All The Time (Japanese Bonus Track)
  15. Teenage Idol (Japanese Bonus Track)

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Other SongsEdit

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  1. Dark Hand Of Contagion
  2. Disaster Nurse Fang (Remix)
  3. Drunkard's Lullaby
  4. Family Gardener
  5. Myrna Loy (
  6. Old Plantation
  7. That Smell
  8. The Reason I Quit (Dear Employer)
  9. Top Of The Bottom
  10. Your Day Will Come
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