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The Island

This song is by The Millennium.

The Island is calling
The Island is my land
And it could be your land too if you weren't so scared to go there
You've been told you can't
So if that's what you want to believe you'll go nowhere

The Island is your land
The Island is giving us the word
It's saying you've got to let me out of this little cage that we live in
It's time to free yourself
And start to live instead of thinking of dying

The Island is calling - it's calling
And it's there inside of you
The Island, the Island, the Island
Is surrounded by a sea of you
And if this song sounds crazy
It's because you really are --- the Island

The Island, the Island, The Island
Is calling
The Island, The Island, The Island
The Island

Written by:

Eric Boettcher; Olaf Wollschlaeger

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