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Hold On

This song is by The Midway State.

I don't know how I could ever have understood myself
To be fine all in my own world or with any other girl holding my hand
I don't know why the day breaks just when I'm ready to begin
It's like all that once had a purpose now won't have a purpose if you stay gone
Now I'm stuck here singing these love songs to someone who don't care
Now I'm sending these thought filled letters to the middle of nowhere
Hold on
Hold on to the one you have and listen to her voice that sings you to sleep at night
Hold on
Hold on and never let go
When I did, yeah when I did, I lost my whole world
I don't know why I did treat her how I did in November
Now if I can say anything truthful, over and above all, it's I miss her and so I'm stuck here giving these insights to a girl who has no brains
I swear, early tomorrow morning I'm getting back on that train to hold on
Ring around our young sensations
Forgot about life's tribulations and in the midst I turned away; thought life was free, thought life was gay
I tried to find the queen of diamonds, when she was right behind me crying
A thousand miles went by my face before I realized when you're hungry you must hold on
Hold on, never let go, when I did, yeah when I did, I gained my whole world

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