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Every Time We Die

This song is by The Midway State.

Boys go with girls better than you think
I wish it weren't so easy to fall in like, and then to love
Do you like me? I love you so much sometimes
What happened today? It's like every time we die
I'll try harder again
It's like every time you die on me
I couldn't take this on my own
I need some guidance from someone
Take off your shoes and loose your socks
Pull out your guts and dry them on the rocks so you can live like all the rest: with bare insides and cute outsides
Dress up your bed for a one night stand
That's all he's "interested in", and his last words still, you thought they were honest, well honestly
This lonely wind is turning your eyes
My stomach's churning
A pretty haze runs over my head as waves rush under
Take off your shoes and loose all your self-respect in one night
It's how you're thinking tonight, and when you're thinking I wish I was drinking
I didn't want to win you over
No, not at all

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