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You'll Be in the Air

This song is by The Microphones and appears on the album The Glow, Pt. 2 (2001).

You'll be in the air
In some hours you'll be over the sea
Lost in the other passengers on the plane
But if you just moved your arms
Then you could tell that you are in the air

You'd feel the yawning gulf grow wider
And you'd feel the dwindling fuel for your lungs
So your breaths would slow

You'd be in the air
You'd feel the hot blowing rock filled winds
And the clouds of ash would fill your skies
As you smoothly glide

Over the cold river basin where we spend the night
Again your gaping gap is pink in foggy light
When I wake up your pet will pounce I'll meet, I'll meet the day
I'll be in your bed, you'll be in the air when I'm awake

And can you tell that I'm down here?
Can you feel my hot lungy wind?
Was it intense to smell my skin, and not lose yourself?

I'll look pinkly out your window in the fog
Loud and clearly I'll make out your resounding roar
You'll be in the air
You'll bear fruit, your bare feet
Your bare arms in the heat
You'll be able to feel your might

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