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I Choose To Sing The Blues

This song is by Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes and appears on the album I Don't Want To Go Home (1976).

(J. Holiday/R. Charles)

I could've been a gambler
'Cause I'm good with cards
I could've been a lover, darlin'
Breakin' others' hearts
But I feel so silly
Bettin' on the dice
A lover seldom sees
The same girl twice

Baby, that's why
Honey, that's why I choose, yes I do
Hey, now, baby, I choose to sing the blues
I gotta get down and sing the blues

Well, I could've been a doctor
Workin' on the sick
I could've been a lawyer
But that ain't my schtick
Because I'd feel so bad
If a man did not get well
I'd plea something bad
That ended up in jail

And, baby, that's why
You know, honey, that's why I choose
Got to sing and play
Just about every day
You know what I'm tryin' to say

There's a lot of things
That a young man might present
You play you're cards right, baby
You might be a president
But I never understood
What a politician might say
Guess I like to talk in my own peculiar way

And, baby that's why
Darlin' that's why I choose
Hey, now, baby
I've got to say, everyday
Got to play, come on, baby
Got to sing the blues, baby
Don't know nothin' else
Got to sing the blues
Come on now, baby
Got to, got to, got to, got to
Got to sing the blues, baby
Got to sing
My baby take all my money
And give it to some other man
I can't take it no more
Come on, darlin'
Got to sing the blues
Got to make some money sometimes, baby


Written by:

Jimmy Holiday; Ray Charles

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