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We Wanna Wreck Here

This song is by The Meteors and appears on the album Hymns For The Hellbound (2007).

Well I stopped my bike outside some joint
I liked the sound that I could here
They was rocking and rolling and ripping it up
Thought I'd get myself a beer
The guy at the door was looking at me
He said what the hell are you
I said man I am a psychokat and I need to talk to you

Well the Devil taught us how to rock
And then he turned us loose
We ain't quite the same as you
But we got a good excuse
I ain't got your fashion sense but boy you sure look swell
But I can make these monsters move and open up the gates of hell

I got me a mean little band I could show you what we do
We could really set this place alight
And if you got the sense or at least the balls to put us on your stage
You would see the wildest thing you ever saw in your damn life

I got me a drummer that hits so hard
He can knock down Fucking walls
And a hellbound slapping bass player that will shake you to your balls
I'll plug in my old guitar just to make it sweet
Then well play some psychobilly that will knock you of your bleeding feet

We'll fill the place with mutants that will drink the whole place dry
Wild and crazy devil girls so hot they'll burn your eyes
You wont regret a thing unless your answers no
If that's the case we'll head on out and give some other lucky bastard a show

We wanna wreck here
We wanna wreck here
We wanna wreck here
That's the only thing we wanna do

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