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​The Hills Have Eyes

This song is by The Meteors and appears on the album Only The Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly (1988).

We're the forgotten people
Here we were left after the bomb
Well they put something strange in my daddy's water
And that's where we come from

Me and my two brothers
We gotta eat everything that we can
We take the trees and the cows
We feeds of each other
Take the walls of your caravan

And the hills have eyes
We're looking at you
There ain't no escape
There ain't no damn thing you can do

Well old Jupiter he's our leader
He's the meanest man that I know
Well he's a killing machine
He stands 7 feet tall
Made out of hate and muscle and bone

He eats rocks for breakfast
'Cause that's the only food that he's found
And If he catches you
He's gonna take out your eyes
Don't waste time putting you in the ground

Run and hide Children!


Well if you're drivin' through ou country
You better go right on through
'Cause if you stop for any single thing at all
Well we're gonna get you

If you think you can kill us
Get that thought out of your head
'Cause a lot of people tried to put us in the ground
And now there's a lot more dead