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Shadow Time

This song is by The Meteors and appears on the album Hymns For The Hellbound (2007).

I live my life in shadow time
You play your games and I'll play mine
Sometimes I drift into your life it
Amuses me greatly to add to your strife
You watch like monkeys and you imitate me
What do you think I really am

Forever laughing I live here in shadow time
I'm always dancing in here the world is all mine

I see the things that you won't ever touch
You want it badly but just too much
The shallow words you scribble out
Wont change a thing there ain't no doubt
Your futile mutterings wont find the mark
And I'll go on laughing here in the dark

Deny me always it won't change a thing
My fate is written in these words I sing
The few that hear it might understand
But if not sleep forever in the wrong land
The few that want this will come to call
And those in torment will ever fall

You're much to stupid to Fucking stupid

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