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Scream You Fucker Scream

This song is by The Meteors and appears on the album These Evil Things (2004).

Welcome to Hell no you won't be happy here
It's my greatest pleasure to give you pain and fear
All I ask of you in return
Is make a little noise to help the fires burn
Eternally now live in my dream
Won't you help me
Scream you fuckers scream

Burn won't you burn let your skin peel away
Your soul is lost forever and a day
This torment I will give you for free
Please wont you cry for me?
Hellbound choir sing songs serene
Come on let me here you
Scream you fuckers scream!

I'll boil your eyes I'll tell you lies
Eat your hopes and spit out all your dreams
Bring you your nightmares show you who don't care
All I want you to do is scream

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