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Queen Of The Wild Wild Wind

This song is by The Meteors and appears on the album Hymns For The Hellbound (2007).

She rocked me she really fucked up my soul
She came from fire and she hooked me
Her beauty ate my control

Well they say she's the queen of the wild wild wind
But her beauty is just a disguise
I you fall in love with this angels voice
But you'll never leave her arms alive

She hit me like the left hand of god
She chewed me up and she spit me
Like a memory I was lost

I've been all around this big bad world
Fought and loved I've won and lost
I never really believed these things
But I tell you now I've paid the cost

She kissed me and she laughed at my fight
My desire for her was over whelming
She dragged me of into the night

She is the Queen of the Wild Wild Wind

Hellbound she sings her songs as we go Hellbound
And pain is filling up my background
Ain't no dream it's my last stop

Burning now forever il be burning
Waiting for my angels loves returning
But damnation's got my soul

Well they only spoke her name in whispers
They say she sits by the devil himself
She swaps her songs for the souls of strangers
Her kiss will drag you straight to hell

She is the queen of the wild wild wind

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