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Powder Pain And Misery

This song is by The Meteors and appears on the album Hymns For The Hellbound (2007).

Well I've been rocking since I was born
And I know that for a fact
Then Old Nick jumped up and showed me Psychobilly
He said boy you've got the knack
Take my gift and spread it out it's gonna be hard work but you stay true

There's more like you in this world
But I ain't got the time
To pick up every stray dog that I've lost
Fuck off now you'll be fine
If it takes a million years
Don't come back empty handed or I'll get mad

He said Rock and Roll belongs to me don't want no other kind piss on the rest its gutless crap for sheep all deaf and blind
They've pussified the most of it and called it many things but now I give you purified the songs the Hellbound sing
Get the fuck out of hell and play my tunes bring me back as many as you can

Well they won't be so hard to find
Though many will pretend
I'll give you all the things you want
For all the time you spend
When you bring 'em back boy
You'll have it all my my word is true
Its as good as gold

I'll fill you full of power pain and misery and a thousand burning demons will keep you company
And when the world is on your back just you call myname ill show you what to do and how to win the game
I know you know what you've got to do and we'll get it all in the end

Well I shook the devil by the tail
And took the first bus out of hell
And I've been working picking up souls
I've been doing real well
Believe it or not couldn't care less we won't change a thing either way

I got Psychobilly power powder and pain...

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