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My Slaughtering Ways

This song is by The Meteors and appears on the album Hymns For The Hellbound (2007).

I won't ever stop never Fucking ever stop
Till you put me down
It's my mission to cleanse this world
And put you Fuckers under the ground
It's your plan to bring my end
Well hurry up and do it then

You gotta catch me I won't go down easily
You'll have to make me stop my slaughtering ways
You'll have to find me and I ain't so reasonable
You'll have to make me stop my slaughtering ways

Keep on trying then use everything you've got my friend
Each second that you waste the count goes up
Chase my shadow and eat my dust
Stop me or I'll never give up
Stop telling me what your gonna do for Christ's sake do it won't you

You won't find it such a big party
Trying to make me stop my slaughtering ways
Give me your best bring it on strong and hearty
If you wanna stop me and my slaughtering ways

Sweet obsession holy dedication try to understand
My intention my true vocation is this while I still stand

Keep up the pressure or you'll be a victim
If you want to stop me and my slaughtering ways
Hit me real hard and don't let me come back
Or you'll be a part of my slaughtering ways

I don't ever sleep promises I gotta keep
Il cut you all down like summer grass
You think your one step behind your joking man you must be blind
You better hurry up and move your ass
I'm still working all the time and I just got one thing on my mind
Nothing looks better then blood all over my hands
While I'm drowning forever in the screams of the damned

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