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Mutant Rock

This song is by The Meteors and appears on the album The Curse of the Mutants (1985).

The whole world is dead now
After the neutron bomb
We all stared upand looked at it
And we wondered where it came from
But that was many years ago
What's left is changed by shock
We all live in the ruins
And we do the mutant rock

C'mon lets rock
C'mon lets rock
C'mon let's do the mutant rock

We don't look like we used to
Our skins all scaled and black
We fight eachother in the streets
Evolution has turned back
We got no television, we can't tell time, no clock
But as the sun goes down at night
We do the mutant rock

The bomb it couldn't kill us
No matter how it tried
Though the weaks ones are all dead
The strong of us survived
Outsiders who have found us
They all get a shock
As we slither through the ruins
And we do the mutant rock

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