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I Ain't Ready

This song is by The Meteors and appears on the album Wreckin' Crew (1983).

Well the car it came to collect me
But they were in for shocks
Though I was meant to be upstairs
All tucked up in my box
Well wasn't ready for them no I ain't going nowhere
It's gonna take much more to put me in the ground then a shovel and a prayer

I ain't ready I ain't ready
I ain't going nowhere with you
I ain't ready I ain't ready
If you try it I'll bury you too
I ain't ready ready ready etc
Ain't going know where with you

Yes I made a deal with a friend of mine
He said I didn't have to go
And if you want to cheat on death
Then he's the cat to know
Then he showed me how to do it told me just what to say
But the undertakers still knocking at my door
And he won't go away

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