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This song is by The Meteors and appears on the album Psychobilly (2003).

Don't want to have to change the way I gotta live
I tried it more than once it's to damn much to give
Don't need the attitude of someone else's life
I'm having trouble just keeping up with mine
Don't wanna think like no one else
Maybe I'm selfish who can tell
Don't wanna live some others dream
I'm going to hell or so it seems

You don't have to follow rules justbecause they say
Do what you got to do fuck 'em anyway
Don't let 'em push you down don't have to change your style
Go where you wanna go what ever makes you smile
Wind 'em right up if you can
Don't run and hide make a stand
Don't follow sheep make your own way
And if your gonna burn well make 'em pay

Hell fire well now I'm gonna burn
Hell fire I know I'll never learn
Hell fire wont you listen to me scream
Hell fire then you'll know what I mean
What you gotta do is just what you gotta do
Hell fire then you can burn too


Hellfire x 2

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