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Thirteen Butterflies

This song is by The Mess and appears on the album Red Skies Ahead (2010).

Before you take it all away
There's just some things I need to say
You were my everything and so much more
Now your painted in my heart
Like some magic work of art
I came undone for you my brightest star

You won't shine for me and I can't take it

So fly away into the night
I'll see you in the sky
And when your wings get tired
I hope you fly back home to me
'Cause I miss you so

Heaven felt so far away
Until you came and showed me
What it really was to come alive
But I hope past through the tree
That one day you and me will meet again
But until then I'll keep you locked away in my heart

When I die I hope I go to you
Forever tangled up with you
Your name is running through my veins

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