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This song is by The Mess and appears on the album Seasons (2011).

I know she's cold and all alone
An empty frame of fear
A heart that's barely beating
A useless organ writhing year to year
She's long since gone
I'm waking from deep sleep
A dream I can't remember
Memories not worthy of repeat

I'm leaving no survivors
Here's your fleeting flash of fame
I can't stand the sound of your name

So when things fall down around you,
Don't say that you've missed me
You'll never do better
(I know you'll know, I know you'll know)
And when the voices surround you
The shame and what could-bes
Laments and the sorrow
(I know you'll know, I know you'll know)

I'm nothing more than skin and bone
Apathy sets in
A body void of feeling
Out of date emotions lie within
There's nothing wrong
A heart that's good as new
Back to its rightful owner
A life not branded by the thought of you

I'm leaving no survivors

Here's to the best move I never made
A fresh start and brighter days
Your flaws now exposed
I consider the matter closed

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