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Paint The Roses Red

This song is by The Mess and appears on the album Seasons (2011).

I can see that you're falling
From the places you sat that you ruled for so long
I can see you have nothing
And you lied from the start so now you take the fall

I won't be waiting for you to come around
This time it's off with your head
You were a cancer inside my heart
I think you're better of dead

Now your kingdoms have fallen
As they crash to the ground I hear you scream for help
Now you choke on your own blood
As you're gasping for air but there's no one around

I will bury all the memories of you

How long will you go on with this game
You're burning bridges now
And you don't mean a thing to me
There's nothing you can say to make this right
You never knew how to tell the truth
You're a little girl in all your mom's makeup
You're a fake that's so empty

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