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This song is by The Mess and appears on the album Red Skies Ahead (2010).

I'm falling apart and I hope you got the news 'cause you're the only cure
I need an extra dose tonight
We're oceans apart

I'm thinking of you
And I know the space is hard for you
You said it's getting hard to breathe and there's nothing I can do
So lets just breakaway, breakaway from all of this
You said you need to stay, I need you here with me tonight

'Cause time stands still when you're around
You can make the stars call out your name
You can make the ocean waves calm
'Cause time stands still when you're around
And every thought of you gives me hope to see this through another day

I'm lying awake tonight
These days go by so slow
Your picture is staring down at me and singing me to sleep
You are the sweetest thing I have ever seen
You make all the gray fade away you bring color to my life

And you're so beautiful and I'm coming clean
This is more than I can take
And when I sleep I dream of you so don't let go
'Cause I'm holding on to every thought of you

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