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Near Or Afar

This song is by The Mess and appears on the album Red Skies Ahead (2010).

Minutes pass like hours as the sun begins to shine
I know that I've been crazy, and I've kinda lost my mind
I know I said I was leaving, and I hope you know I'm here
'Cause I can't live without you, and I've never been this scared

I hope you're all right tonight where ever you are
Near or afar
I hope a smile is on your face
I hope that you're all right tonight where ever you are
You're always in my heart
Even when you run so far away

I know I pushed you so far, that's why I'm letting go
You used to think I was different, and deep down I'm sure you still know
I know how badly I hurt you, but please believe in me
'Cause I know how to love you, and I've got what you need

Girl, if you feel like falling
From where heaven is right back into these arms
Just know I'll be here waiting
For another chance to be the one for you

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