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This song is by The Mess and appears on the album Seasons (2011).

Have you heard all the stories
Have you seen all the lights up in the sky
They won't tell you what's out there
They keep you face down in the lies
Don't ask questions they'll call you crazy
And you wouldn't want that
There's a secret waiting for you
So open up your eyes

Look to the sky
They're all around you now
Illuminations lurking the night
Cryout we're not alone
The time is coming soon for their return
Visitors beyond the stars

The answers are buried beneath years of history
The stones are still standing others lost beneath the sea
They moved mountains they left evidence
Of a time that we've forgotten
Lost in vain but we won't be the same

The truth has withered away
They burnt the books ripped the pages from the story
But the structures still stand
They carved the answers in stone
So one day we'll finally know the meaning to it all

Soon we'll see in broad daylight
The world will change overnight
So I say
If you're looking for answers

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