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This song is by The Mess and appears on the album Seasons (2011).

Is it easier for you to run away
Than fight and stand your ground
Is it too much to ask for you to try and care
I'd give my lungs to you if they'd help you breathe
I'd waste my time with you
Just sit around and watch "Greys" in your room

And you said "hey, I'm not feeling well today"
And you said "hey, could you try and make me feel ok"
And I say "sure for you I'd do anything, I'll never leave your side"
About that time you turn and walk away

Do you remember when we kissed
Until the sun came peaking through the cracks
And from that first kiss
On the swings I'd knew we'd last
I always knew that this was meant to be
But now we're falling through the cracks
I'd give up everything I'd have to take it back

You said our times run out
But if somehow you remember what it's like to feel alive
And you remember me and how we used to be
Maybe then you'll finally realize

And you'll say "hey, I'm not feeling well today"
And you'll say "hey, I think I'm coming home to stay"
We wake up in a bed the nightmares over
I look you in the eye
I think this time you're finally gonna stay
About that time you turn and walk away

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