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Fears To Flames

This song is by The Mess and appears on the album Red Skies Ahead (2010).

I close my eyes and breathe deep one last time
Before I take the leap
Live this life and cast these fears aside
Bested me too many times
Prey on the weak with your crafty lies
I know now what to do our time is short

Letting go never felt so good
I cast these chains aside
With new hope I feel myself take flight
Letting go never felt so good
So cast your chains aside
Let the wind take you to new heights
Just let it go

With open eyes we run into the night
No way to pull us out be on the ground
And free to chase the light
I can here you kick and scream
Unable to accept defeat
I won't let you in but still you try

Just let it go
You're slowly wearing thin
Just let them go
All the things that weigh you down
Get up off the ground

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