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This song is by The Mess and appears on the album Red Skies Ahead (2010).

Let's sing a song for days we'll never see again
We gave up the ghost along with all the things
We hoped for and believed in
We sold our souls to lust to fame to greed
And threw hope out the door
This never-ending need is fueling the disease
The curtains close

So throw your hands up in the air
And then we'll play the game
We'll dance around what really matters the most
And give our hearts away

Is this the end of chivalry
Are women nothing more than flesh and body parts
For everyone to see
Have we reached the end of searching for the truth
We fell far from the tree
And sprouted our own roots they've grown so deep
So the story goes

Capsized, turned upside down
We're drowning while wearing crowns
That slowly weigh us down
We have strayed far from the course we started
With no remorse, we'll watch our towers fall

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