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April Showers

This song is by The Mess and appears on the album Seasons (2011).

So tell me darling do you think of me
When you're awake at night can you feel me
'Cause I'm falling apart without you

The nights are so cold since you've gone
And when you're away it feels so wrong
I'm missing your touch your love
And all the things you do to me
I know you miss my hands on your hips
And the way that we kiss
And we'll be making up lost time

We had some storms but we held on
We watched the clouds disappear
And now were so strong
You're so beautiful and I was wrong
For pushing you so far away
It was the worst mistake I ever made

Say you miss me so I could be all right
Say you miss me so everything's all right
(Soon all our dreams are coming true)

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