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Tiny Soldiers

This song is by The Men They Couldn't Hang and appears on the album How Green Is The Valley (1986).

There's a troop of tiny tin soldiers
Marching to war 'cross the floor
Towards an ambush by artillery
Waiting behind the door
Plastic tanks, trucks and armoured cars
Catapults, ships and guns
It's all a campaign in a childrens' game
Toys for education and fun

Every imaginable fighting force
Is found in most little boys' rooms
Moulding their minds for the future
Into 'Action Men' they can become
And the perfect present for a birthday
Or the season of peace and goodwill
Is a toy battlefield or a sword and a shield
Or a book about people who kill

Childrens' comics and posters
Visions of violence and death
Are pushed onto each generation
Almost from the very first breath
And it's been the same since Man became
It looks as though it will stay
And if this trend should ever end
Would it make a difference anyway?

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