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The Family Way

This song is by The Men They Couldn't Hang and appears on the album The Domino Club (1990).

Been in jail for twenty years,
It was twenty years ago
Fought a man with my bare hands,
Killed him with a blow
I'd searched the bars and
Betting shops in every part of time
Swore that night he'd wear a suit
Of pinewood six feet down

A changing world keeps moving fast
My yesterday's tomorrow's in the past
When it's one against the rest
It always puts you to the test
But I swear I'd do it all again today
Because it's the family way

In hospital my brother lay
Just looking at his wounds
They caught him down by
London Bridge one Friday afternoon
It was the strangeness of his accent,
The bareness of his purse
Because there was but one of him
And three to do their worst

My brother died and left behind
A girl bearing a child
She broke down at the funeral
To see his face defiled
She wears the silver ring
Of a fiancee
Both were taken to our home,
Shown the family way

When I get out a week today
I'll the London train
There's two men there who've
Bought a share in twenty years of pain
In this old world of kith and kin
Are all that's on your side
Twenty years won't matter when
The matter's put to rights

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