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Kingdom Of The Blind

This song is by The Men They Couldn't Hang and appears on the album The Domino Club (1990).

Came from a Northern city,
Moved to Southern town
Took the job six years ago
When there wasn't any work around
Judy made the bargain,
I'd pay of the housing loan
She'd bring up the kid
While I was away
At the weekend I'd come home

She Said:

Careful when you're keeping
With the times
Because the things we believe
Will soon get left behind
If you fall in love
But don't fall in love
It's the Kingdom of the Blind

First two years were a struggle,
Telephone calls were long
Second two years were easier,
Maybe things were going wrong
Well I met somebody
When my guard was down
It went from serious to bad
In six short weeks I turned
My back on everything we had

She said:

Sold off the bricks and mortar,
Judy took away the kid
Only time will let me know
If it's the right thing I did
Now I'm in a relationship
We call no strings attached
Sometimes I think it's a brand new me
Sometimes every single thing
Looks smashed...

She said:

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