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Handy Man

This song is by The Men They Couldn't Hang and appears on the album The Domino Club (1990).

At the end of the Summer
I found my choice
Working at the Shipyard
Or a penniless college boy
Homework in my satchal
Or money in my hand
Simple mathematics even
I could underastand

Bring bargains to your door
Waiting for that lucky draw
These days I am a Handy Man
Cutting grass and lifting sacks
Swinging down the spade and axe
These days I am a Handy Man

Grandpa was a welder,
My dad was a stevedore
We went to work in Autumn
Down by the Woolston shore
Grandpa took the handshake
And I went self-employed
Rolling drunks and chasing punks
Like all the other boys

The workforce was re-organised
And that included me
I claimed the supplementary,
Got some new training scheme

Now I'm selling onions
In the richer parts of town
It makes those women glad
To have a Handy Man around...

The end of the Summer...

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