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Great Expectations

This song is by The Men They Couldn't Hang and appears on the album The Domino Club (1990).

Dear Joe, days keep ticking
Only seven months left to go
We'll spark the town when you get out
Good things keep happening for me
Some magazine wants
To pulish my story
All about us and the
Time we hitch-hiked south

We had big dreams, new sensations, Great Expectations...

Hey kid, thanks for the letter
I've been a bit down
But I'm getting better
Prison is hell but
I've been to places worse
A guy in my cell knows
The 'Crown' in Redditich
We're working on a scheme
That'll make us all rich
Strictly legal but
We've got to see you first
Before the bubble burst...

We've got big dreams,
Don't you know we've got,
New sensations,
Great Expectations

Dear Joe, no need to worry
I found that money like you asked me
I hope you know what you're doing, boy
There's some things
That I didn't tell you
I'm seeing this girl
From Sherman Avenue
That magazine wrote back,
They want to employ me

Big dreams, new sensations,
Great Expectations

Hey kid, you won't regret it
I owed you plenty, now I'm indebted
Couple more months and I'll
Be back in the Game
I've got an idea to start a company
Fish 'n' Chip shops in
Greece and Hungary
We can think big,
We can't stay the same
There's got be changes...

We've got big dreams,
Dreaming all about, new sensations,
Great Expectations

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