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Billy Morgan

This song is by The Men They Couldn't Hang and appears on the album The Domino Club (1990).

Morgan, the man with no tan, comes in on the midday train
Takes a room in the pensione down by the beach
Unwraps his pistol, counts out the bullets beside it
Four bullets, two men, it's certain with two bullets each

Down in the town the old men sit round by the harbour
Watch as the tourists break all ettiquette in the bars
At twilight the festival starts with a feast in the plaza
Followed by music and wine, fireworks and cigars

Twilight arrives, the streets come alive
The Mayor and the Chief watch it begin
A girl on a bike turns very businesslike
Leaves fifty grand and a pardon for her sins

Goodbye Billy Morgan
Known from Amsterdam to Tripoli
You can taste your death in every silent breath
Fear the curse, thought the enemy

On Morgan's cheap TV the Ministers agree at the summit
In a room straight above there's a couple making love with a cheer
Out across the water the statue of Christ throws a shadow
It falls across the city to the window of the volunteer

On the Avenue de France a beggar does a dance
Sells 'chocolate' to the marching band in masks
The Gaudia Civil get a tip about a kill
Morgan doubts but no one's out to ask

The festivals begun, Morgan tucks the gun inside his jacket
Walks towards the plaza singing 'Boys of the Old Brigade'
Is followed by a rifle, confronted by the guards at the corner
Lifts his hands like the statue and dies in the fusillade

Now the gunfire's heard, someone gives the word
Fireworks crash, the marching band turns right
Someone in a mask throws a bomb, does the task
Rides of with the girl on the back of a motorbike

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