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My Beautiful Genocide

This song is by The Meads Of Asphodel and appears on the EP In The Name Of God, Welcome To Planet Genocide (2006).

This grisly din of killing steel (murder is my God)
I Come in peace, you go in pieces (murder is my God)
Fools like us and the Gods we trust (murder is my God)
To save the world and watch it burn (murder is my God)
Ploughing ash, a sea of limbs (murder is my God)
The stench of gore and boiling brains (murder is my God)

My beautiful genocide

A holy war, unholy blood (murder is my God)
Divided faith Blown apart (murder is my God)
Burn and rape on planet hell (murder is my God)
All fucked up, wrong way rounds (murder is my God)

My beautiful genocide