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Point Man

This song is by The Mark Of Cain and appears on the album Ill At Ease (1995).

You wouldn't read about it
I thought the company was ten feet tall
I got back, I looked for a minute
I got a gun, I got the bullets

I'm the Point Man
I walk the point
I take the ride out
I walk full automatic
One up the spout

The others walk behind me
They're on semi-safety
So some itchy fingered FNG
Doesn't nail my arse

I take the fall
I witness full atrocity
'Cause I'm the one
In the lead

Well I'm the Point Man
I take the ride out
I see what I can find

You know it's lonely out there
But I enjoy the solitude
It helps me push - I watch myself
I take myself to my own limits

Point Man
I'm a Point Man

Now listen very carefully
In the jungle, everyone can hear you scream

Point Man
Well I'm the Point Man

Once I was gone for three weeks
I got back couldn't recognise a face
I couldn't think for a minute
I got a gun, I got the bullets

It makes me weak, not being out there
I sit around can't think anymore
I'm not driving out there no more
I'm not driving, I'm not driving there no more

I want you to listen up very carefully
'Cause what I've got to say
May save a life
First thing, don't get to know your people too well
Secondly, there's three ways to die
The first, is man made
The second, nature
And the third, well she's at home
With your best friend
And you won't have to worry
Because this type of death will get
Will come to you
And get you in your dreams

When I do this (signal) it means stop
That means get down
That's an ambush
That's the enemy
You listen to me
And I'll save your life

You listen to me
I might save a life

Are you listening to me?

Out here we have two types of people
One's a leader, the other's a follower
Which one are you?
You'd better think about it

And that girl you left behind,
Forget about her, forget about her
It's the only way to be

Point Man
Point Man
Well I'm the Point Man
Get the Point Man

You listen to me, I might save your life
I won't be out here gunning for your failure
For me the only way
Is to come back alive
Rely on no-one
Rely on no-one

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