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The New Juju Man

This song is by The Manhattan Transfer and appears on the album Vibrate (2004).

Let me tell you 'bout the new Ju-Ju Man
Have you ever heard of Bishop Tutu?
'Nother kinda' Ju-Ju
So old it's new
Boers heard it, dropped their arms,

Pled to murder
So have you heard what the man said?
Hear! Bishop Tutu wasundoubtedly here
So we've all heard what the man said
JuJu from Tutu
From Jo'burg to all the world

One man with God, that's all
That's all that 'cha need
That's all that 'cha need
That's all that 'cha need
That's all that 'cha need
We heard what the man truly said
Tell us all what you did!
Stop hidin' it!

All must hear what the man said
Obey the call! Just tell it all!
The truth's won when the lyin's done!
Hear it!

Bishop's no pawn while the game's on
Hear Tutu
Let's talk awhile and then we'll reconcile
You tell the truth an' truth,
It cleans your soul out
The truth not the hold-out
It'll make a fella bigger
Try it once!
Tell the truth, bring Satan shame
A lie can tear a house down
Tell the truth and win the game,

All men know your name
Tell the truth like Tutu did
Expose the lie
Let it Out! Don't keep it hid
Reconcile and rise high
Now we've heard what the man said
He'll change your heart and mind
Truly, yes he will (have you)
(Have you heard) what the man said?

(Yes) Once you hear it, it will change you
And it will re-arrange you
It gives you the wisdom you need
When it's coming in yir ear.
Hear! An'keep on hearin'

Every word's a power-sound
That turn y' right around
Just use your ears
His word's'll cut through your tears
Each time he says
Will last the rest of your days
We've all heard what the man said

His sermon does count
Like the other reachin' on that mount
Back in the young days I'm tellin' you
Tutu, Tutu, Tutu has words fulla power
Tutu has got some news for you
Straight from the prophet's mouth


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