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Come Softly To Me / I Met Him On A Sunday

This song is by The Manhattan Transfer and appears on the album Vibrate (2004).

Come softly darling, come softly darling
Come softly darling, come softly darling

I want, want you to know
I love, I love you so
Please hold, hold me so tight
All through, all through the night...

Speak softly, darling
Hear what I sa-ay
I love you always
Always, always

I've waited, waited so long
For your kisses and your love
Please come, come to me
From up, from up above

Come softly, darling
Come softly, darling
Come to me stay
Come by and stay here forever and a day

Well I met him on a Sunday (ooh)
And I missed him on a Monday (ooh)
When I phoned him on a Tuesday (ooh)
ANd I dated him on a Wednesday (ooh)
Well I kissed him on a Thursday (ooh)
And he didn't come Friday (ooh)
When he showed up Saturday (ooh)
I said "Bye-bye baby"
("Disande ronde ron ronde ronde,")


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