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This song is by The Magnetic Fields and appears on the album 69 Love Songs (1999).

So we got married in Venice in June
So what?
We circled the Earth in a hot air balloon
So what?
And the rest of our lives
Is one long honeymoon
Well, that doesn't mean we're in love
If you really loved me
You'd buy me a beautiful pearl
But you've already bought me
All of the pearls in the world
So there's one thing I crave
When my days become ho-hum and blah
I want a zebra
We've got so many tchotchkes
We've practically emptied the Louvre
In most of our palaces
There's hardly room to manoeuvre
I shan't go to Bali today
I must stay home and Hoove
Up the gold dust
That doesn't mean we're in love
If you really loved me
You'd buy me the Great Pyramid
Oh, I'm so forgetful, you already did
But there's one think I need
If you won't think I'm greedy, my dear
Another zebra
Zelda looks lonely, I want a zebra

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