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Lousisiana Truth Potion and The Human Thought Recorder

This song is by The Mad Conductor and appears on the album Mechanical Claw (2005).

Quick to draw, I've seen this place before
Part the sand I want the rubies and the gold doubloons
I've been hitinn' the saloon since high-noon
Mucho tequila now I'm fired up
Wormwood on ice in an iron cup
Got an earache in my mind
One eye in the lime and the iodine
That tune of the honkytonk has got me doin' that zombie walk
Skip to my lou and the 1, 2 haunt
Betta watch out for the posey hoes dosey-doh round we go
X your O's like tic tac toe. where we stop don't nobody know
But you ain't nothin' but a number
If you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen
My lice are itchin' and whoa this medicine is fuckin' bitchin

(Oh! I tried to leap up at you with all my amazon strength, but that sound in my head sent me flying in the other direction!)

Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius what's yer monkey diagnosis
Lemme break it down. I'm a hooligan from outta town
Gettin' rude again with a louder sound
Everything is connected like my wrist ankles and neck when I'm arrested
My dome is doin' donuts in the dungeon I'm possess-ed
Too many suits in the hood tonight, cut a rug on the moon in the pale blue light
What to do when the dot on a question mark is a wormhole into Jurassic park
Beetlejuice, bloody mary, candy man. DRINK KOOLAID
Then I'm bouncin' off in a getaway boat down the highway facing the golden sun
I hope you know to never argue with a crazy man
You'll have a heart attack, you oughta know by now
Circulating down to soot, try to stomp my foot, but it won't stay put
Concentrate your weapon and keep it movin', everybody move it
How do you like your music?
Ill and fresh or dumb and stupid
I find its easy to be green when I'm oozing
I purchase product on sullivan from a dependable vendor
Mr. cacciatore near the medical center

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