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Got To Be Gordon's

This song is by The Macc Lads and appears on the album Bitter, Fit Crack (1987).

Poof at the clinic - he's got the gay plague:
'Help me doctor, my bum's in pain.'
'Get down Kwok Lai's for a 45, eight tandooris and a chicken pie,
Ten pints of Guinness and a vindaloo, box of All Bran and a bowl of prunes
Dash to the bog and lock the door-
Then you'll know what your arsehole's for.'
Don't be a poof or a queer brown hatter
A turd burglar or a buttock basher
Eat chips n gravy and cod in batter
You'll be safe from the botty slappers

MPs down South eat caviar
(Smells as fishy as a poofter's fart)
She says we eat s*** if we live up North
(She needs a gobful of Macc Lad's pork)
'Chips and gravy make you spotty'
(They're the ones with the dead sore bottys)
If you want to be a Macc Lad and not get AIDs
Its got to be Gordon's takeaway.

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