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Buenos Aires '90

This song is by The Macc Lads and appears on the compilation album An Orifice And A Genital: Out-Takes 1986-1991 (1993).

There was a load of bloody fairies in Buenos bloody Aires
With greasy hair and sweaty bums, they'd never heard of Boddington's
A different culture and a different race, - no chippies in the f***ing place,
You can keep that poof Ardiles, we're going to have your Malvinas
Eh Up!
They got our backs up without a doubt, time to sort those Argies out
Costa Mendez lives in fear of real men who can hold their beer
Eh! Eh! Eh! The lads are on their way,
With bayonets and tommy guns and bellies full of Boddington's
Eh Up!

Fray Bentos and cheap red wine is all they eat in the Argentine
But after a scrap with the English Navy, they'll ask for the recipe for chips 'n'

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