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Matter of Time

This song is by The Low Anthem and appears on the album Smart Flesh (2011).

See me laying in the grass
Where my true love's boudn to pass
I don't have to try
It's a matter of time
A matter of time

We will roll beneath the sky
In the clover and dandelion
I don't have to try
I know she'll be by
I see it in my mind
It's a matter of time

See me decorate my nest
See me puffing out my chest
I hate to be so vain
It's just part of the game
Just part of the game
The matter of time

Hear me howling at the moon
In her wake of sweet perfume
I don't have to fear
She'll pull me through the mirror
Pull me through veneer
In a matter of time

In the grass I lay alone
See the sunset dive below
I don't make a sound
It's always circling round
Always circling round
It's a matter of time


Written by:

The Low Anthem

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