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Lover Is Childlike

This song is by The Low Anthem and appears on the movie soundtrack The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond (2012).

Meet me down by the whale watch
Meet me down by the sea
Meet me down at Coney Island
We'll go out on the sea

So don't ask me no questions
'Cause I don't cry no wolf
Back through the winds of the Ferris wheel
See your doubt in the surf
You might think she's quite right
But my lover is childlike

See the fish swimming upstream
Back to the hills
Want no part in the whale watch
If you couldn't tell
My lover ain't quite right
But my lover is childlike

She don't care for country
In her tatters and rags
As the band plays the anthem
She whispers, "God hates flags"


Written by:

Jocelyn Adams, Ben Knox Miller and Jeff Prystowski

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