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The Drunkard's Doom

This song is by The Louvin Brothers and appears on the album Satan Is Real (1959).

It was on one dark and starless night
I heard and saw an awful sight
The lightning flashed, the thunder rolled
Across my dark denial soul
I saw a gulf form down below
Where all the dying drunkards go
I saw another weeping crowd
Bloodshotten eyes and voices loud
"Come here young man, we'll give you room
This is the whiskey seller's doom"

I started there, got there at last
I thought I'd take a social glass
But every time I started in,
I thought about the drunkard's den
I smashed it down and left the place
I went to seek redeeming Grace
I felt like Paul who once did pray
For God to wash his sins away

I started home to change my life
To see my loving neglected wife
I found her weeping over the bed
Because our infant babe was dead
I told her not to cry or weep
Our little baby had gone to sleep
It's little soul had passed away
To ring with Christ an endless day
I took her by her lilly white hand
She was so weak she could not stand
I knelt her down and prayed a prayer
That God might save and bless us there

And now I live a better life
In a Christian home with a loving wife

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