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​Time and Time Again

This song is by The Lost Souls and appears on the box set My Lives (2005) by ​Billy Joel.

Well you love me, just flow it
Through these phantom eyes
They're starting it good
It's all I dream, we're the same
But then you refused
I thought you could

Time and time again
I cursed the day you left me

But now don't expect me
'Cause all I've left is sorrow
I shouldn't wash out all our tomorrows
Yeah yeah yeah

You thought you was superior
But now you see that I'm a perfume

Then I'm the only one who could ever love you
I know it's true, so do you
Yeah yeah yeah

Wouldn't you plan some trying?
This love with an instant linger

I still can feel the touch, loving tingle
Of your hand upon mine
Of your hand upon mine, yeah

Written by:

Billy Joel