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Time and Time Again

This song is by The Lost Souls and appears on the box set My Lives (2005) by Billy Joel.

Well you love me, just flow it
Through these phantom eyes
They're starting it good
It's all I dream, we're the same
But then you refused
I thought you could

Time and time again
I cursed the day you left me

But now don't expect me
'Cause all I've left is sorrow
I shouldn't wash out all our tomorrows
Yeah yeah yeah

You thought you was superior
But now you see that I'm a perfume

Then I'm the only one who could ever love you
I know it's true, so do you
Yeah yeah yeah

Wouldn't you plan some trying?
This love with an instant linger

I still can feel the touch, loving tingle
Of your hand upon mine
Of your hand upon mine, yeah


Written by:

Billy Joel

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