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A Knife in the Dark

This song is by Howard Shore and appears on the movie soundtrack The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001).

Bârî'n Nidir nê[nâkham]
[Ni]dir nênâkham
Nêbâbîtham Ma[gânanê]
[Ma]gâna[nê] [Magâ]nanê
Nêtab[dam] dâur-[ad]

Nêbâbîtham Ma[gânanê Katharâd]
[Ma]gâna[ne] Katha[râd]
Bârî'n îdô nêd

Music by:

Howard Shore

Lyrics by:

Philippa Boyens (lyrics are in the fictional Adûnaic Wikipedia16 language)

Orchestration by:

Howard Shore

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